Is Sex Right After Pregnancy

  • Low libido during and after pregnancy:- according to las vegas pornstar, your libido or sex drive fluctuates rapidly during and after pregnancy, thus keeping in mind the absence of sex drive, you have to make a routine that will work without sex drive and does not irritate or create a problematic situation for you.
  • Sex becomes different:- due to delivery, your vagina becomes wider and highly elastic thus professional pornstar las vegas say that the whole definition of sex will change for you.
  • Your body changes completely:- several changes occur in post -pregnancy periods like weight gain, tenderness in body, fluctuating mood swings, etc. Which in result makes your body a new and completely different personality.
  • Require regular birth control options to choose from:- if you do not want to have another child or pregnancy then book a pornstar recommend that you should take proper birth control measures and choose prescribed medication after delivery if required to manage your fertility and preventing accidental or unwanted pregnancies.
  • Leakage may occur during sex:- during sex, due to oxytocin production some leakage from the breast can occur thus escort professionals recommend to keep cleaning wipes handy and if possible use soaking bras that prevent breast leakage.

Keeping these points in mind while having sex, escort says you can have a sex life similar or better than your previous one.

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