Period Panties That Will Make You Ditch Tampons For Good

A few years back, no one really gave much thought into parts that would absorb your periods. What many women did not know at the time was that there were super comfortable, super absorbent panties that would make their monthly cycle just that little bit more manageable. The idea that you would have super slimming undergarments that could make your periods a little less crazy while you ate baby chow or pooped in the grass was a new idea altogether. The days of the uncomfortable and messy pads are long gone.

Years ago, when women first began to realize that they needed something to make their monthly cycles a little more manageable, it was simply not an option to go out and buy a pad. Sure, there were the disposable types but, compared to the ease and comfort, they just weren’t that great. The best option available then was always to use pantyhose. At the very least, they could keep your things dry so you wouldn’t end up smelling like a cat litter box.

The problem with that approach then was that they really only solved half the problem. To stop the wetness, you had to always change your pad often. To prevent the odor, you had to wash them in hot water and dry them completely. The result was that there were really only two options.

That is no longer true. Now, you can buy a pantyhose that you can also use as a pad. These come with special absorbent features to prevent the wetness from reaching your insides, which means your periods are never going to be as messy. Plus, you can use a variety of colors, from white to black to various hues of pink or blue to get just the right kind of absorbency.

There is one more benefit to buying a pantyhose instead of a regular pair of pads. You can use it over again. That eliminates the need to keep buying a new pair each time you have your period. When you are done using a pair, you simply take the pantyhose out and discard it. It’s that easy.

The benefits of using period panties that will make you ditch tampons for good are clear. They are comfortable, easy to wash and remove, look great and eliminate the need to buy a new pair each time you have your period. Plus, they are much less expensive than purchasing sanitary pads. What more could you want? Why wear those annoying pads when a pantyhose is so much easier to take care of and looks so attractive on your body? Do you really want to spend more money on something that is not improving your health and looks?

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