Sexual Positions for Deep Penetration

Sex is erotic in every way and gives the most pleasurable experience in this whole world. According to mature escorts over 50, penetration can be an intense pleasure when you want to explore her deeply like never before.

According to escorts, some sex positions are suited best for deep penetration. Whether you want to have slow and orgasmic sex or an action full fast penetrating sex, these escort professional recommended sex positions will provide deeper penetration and an intense g-spot grinding to females.

These sex positions that escorts recommend for a deeper penetration are:-

  • Flatiron:- flatiron is a lower angle doggy style sex position that redhead escort recommend because it provides deeper and smoother penetrations without any form of barrier to block penis head.
  • Face-off:- face-off is a good position for slower but deeper penetrations. Escort recommend this sex position as it makes you receive all your partner have to offer and you have control over the penetration speed and angle for better arousal.
  • Cowgirl:-escorts recommend cowgirl position for women who want deep penetrative sex as in cowgirl position, you sit straight on man’s penis without any hurdle in penetration resulting in smooth and deep penetration.
  • Missionary:-according to top escorts in las vegas, missionary is the universal sex position that anyone can use and it provides most pleasure with a deep and hard penetration in vagina giving strong satisfactory orgasms.

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